Thursday, 23 January 2014

LOOT CRATE JANUARY. international geek/gamer box

hello and welcome to my 3rd LOOT CRATE from America.
loot crate is not just for the guys you know plenty of us girls are geeks and gamers too.
each month they hand pick 6-8 products to go in the boxes.and usually in with the months theme.
as a subscriber you are automatically entered into the chance to win the mega crate valued at $250 each also need to give your TSHIRT size as every other month they include a Tshirt which are very good quality.
so if interested look up here for LOOT CRATE

so each month the crate ships on the 20th.
this month the theme is
to boldly go where no one else has gone before.

loot crate this month sent there first crate into space,you can see the video teaser here more to follow.

so as the theme is launch it goes without saying the box contents are going to tie in.
every month includes the magazine with lots of information,interviews,and product info.

my January loot crate.

STAR WARS GALACTIC PHRASEBOOK. lucasfilm & random house
the phrase and travel book, imagine travelling light years to find you don't speak the language.well fear not this book has all the basics.

MINECRAFT 2014 CALENDER mojang ab &trends international.
track your earth days while travelling and mark of the 20th for your loot crate shipment.

these collectibles pop vinyls are great did you get a hero,villain,or adorable one.this time we are giving you a superman  characters theme.
i got general zod.
theses are famous collectors for loot crate subscribers.

STAR WARS POCKET MODEL TCG, lucasfilm&wizkids.
these star wars  pockets models are cool and this one we don't earn in our collection at home this one is from the clone wars collection.

a cloth wall sticker gone straight on the sons wall in his room.its a cloth feel graphic.

STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR BADGE,cvs television &walls.
slap this onto your favourite red shirt and stay in communication with enterprise and the rest of your crew.

to commemorate the launch of loot crate into space.we have a launch badge ,
and in all the following loot crates each month we will get a different button to collect and show .

show your support for the space program with the official NASA patch.

as its my 3rd LOOT CRATE already my membership card was included in this crate.
i am officially a UK looter.

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