Tuesday, 21 January 2014

GLOSSYBOX JANUARY. back to basics.

My Glossybox has arrived .
you can find all about it here.http://www.glossybox.co.uk
This is a sample subscription  monthly service.providing 5-6 items.
each month you fill out a survey for each product and in turn you receive glossy dots,when you have received 1000 you can get a free box with this.
so for the next 4 months i will be using my glossy dots up.
 I see this months box is already causing controversy with the products included although a couple I'm looking forwards to trying out as i have run out and 1 is a great size and use anyway.
Another thing glossy box have been going on about lately is the new makeover. i think and hope that it isn't just a case of a new box and new ribbon.they have really slipped this past year and they would seriously need to up there goal to get subscribers back.
The new box is shiny and glossy.it has changed colour slightly in that it is pink with a hue of purple.it is deeper and the lid is harder to get off.the other thing is we have a bigger ,wider,ribbon with glossy box written all over.not exactly a makeover is it.
i think people would rather the money was spent on more global brands and new and exciting products which seem to go into the international boxes not the UK.
the theme this month is
                                                          Back to basics.

the same slightly glossier printed magazine.

the UNboxing.

YU-BE. 2 tubes given, pack of 3 is £4.50
the Japanese cream that hit the UK last year.
i already own this and find it great  on sunburn and wind bitten skin.
as i live on the coast when my skin needs a pick up i use this for 2 days and it moisturises my skin back to health.its more of a medicated balm but the size given is great for bags and pockets.

Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer.wake up eye patches.  full-size £6.00
these patches help reduce fine lines,wrinkles,puffy eyes.
can't wait to try these out as i have run out of my Korean ones and awaiting them to arrive so bonus.

absorbs and locks in the skin.easily blends in leaves skin smooth and healthy.contains pure oat extract.

great for skin boosting,smoothing,toning,leaves the skin fresh and invigorated.
contains no parabens,petroleum,no mineral oils.
contains only natural products and is heavily prepared with geranium,lavender,bergamot,juniper essential oils.

stainless steel.

so overall i will use them all,the tweezers are bait blunt but will sharpen them up.
not entirely a bad box.
what variant of the UK glossy box did you get this month.

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