Wednesday, 15 January 2014


so there is another food subscription box on the block,

this food box is all home brought stuff and each month you will receive 10-15 items ,
things you may buy in your weekly shopping things you look at and wonder shall i or shan't i buy it.
this box costs £12 all in  and you can find it here  degustabox.
you can then post pics ,reviews ,and answer the questionnaires sent for extra points.

one thing is it is a huge box this is heavy as well.but i have tried my first box and can't wait to try over the next few months.

here is the box.

here is my goodies.there are lots.
also included is a menu card and on the back are some recipes.

oxo shake and flavour garlic and herb.  £1.39.
gives the meals a magic touch, used on fish,wedges, chips,chicken ,vegetables, easy to shake on and use.

bisto chicken stock melts,£1.89.
bisto stock melts tubs are flavoursome and tasty. they are so easy to use .simply add to sauces,stocks, stews, gravies.they melt instantly and are not salty.the flavour is quite strong.made with real chicken juices.

bisto chef special gravy, 89p each .x4 packets
bisto new range sachets add pep to your four flavours they gave us.
chicken with sage and onion,
lamb with twist of mint,
caramelised onion,
beef with cracked black pepper.
easy to make up great for adding to a cheeky roast mid week.

belvita cocoa, £2.59
breakfast biscuits in packets,great for on the go,or as your daily breakfast.these are chocolate with chocolate chip.

belvita duo crunch,£2.79
in apricot flavour ,these are separate packs of there well known breakfast biscuits sandwiched with a yogurt mix and these have added apricot,i really like this flavour all are with added vitamins,cereals,fibre,

bavaria beer,£1.50 each  3x cans.
a family owned brewery run by the dutch for over 300years.through generations.
this beer is sent around the world daily.we were sent 3 types.
lemon radler-  lemon and lime larger shandy.
100% non alcoholic pilsner,
bavaria 0.0% original beer.

Levi roots chicken paste £1.49
a marinade paste  great for grills,and BBQ.
all spice,cinnamon,thyme,nutmeg,warm hint of scotch bonnet peppers.

Levi roots smokey jerk £1.99.
Caribbean flavoured sauce. chunky tomatoes,onions,blended with smokey jerk spices. great with veg,chicken, pork.

drink me chai,spiced chai latte  £2.20
spiced chai drink,exotic Indian spices and sweetened tea,great added with water or milk.

yu granola fruit mini clusters. £2.25 x 2 packs.
2 types were sent.
cereal and real fruit clusters with a healthy yogurt coating.
i been eating these dry as a snack and they are very tasty.

green and blacks chocolate spicy chili
dark chocolate with  a heat kick from the chili.
this was a special extra in the box

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