Thursday, 10 April 2014

mint oreo marshmallow squares.

After coming home from work i decided as i had put dinner on i would make some marshmallow squares ,
for mint Oreo marshmallow squares you will need the following.
4oz butter,
2 bags of marshmallows,
8 teacups of rice krispies,  or 5 mugs.
1 packet of mint oreos biscuits,
and a tray or cases to set them in.

firstly weigh all the ingredients out and have ready nearby for adding quickly.
i melt the hot stuff in a copper pan, and then transfer and mix everything in a very large glass bowl.

  In a saucepan melt the butter,then add the marshmallows stir all the time till melted turn down heat.
you then need in a large bowl to add the rice krispies,
pour the hot (be careful)marshmallow mix on to the rice krispies and mix well.

chop the oreos up,

quickly add the chopped up mint oreos to the sticky mix,and stir well.

then pour and press down into the lined tin.
you will need to work quickly here as the mix is already getting solid and the marshmallow is sticky 

leave to rest for 30 -60 minutes to set. instruct teenage son to not go near for allotted time will check for finger prints and missing holes.

tip upside down and cut into  6x4x4 rectangles bites or squares.

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