Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Dr G mentor cream  for oily skin .
this cream i received from one of my  regular global meme boxes form Korea  and although i got no.3 intended for oily skin i am normal skin i decided to use it anyway.
well i am so glad i did.

3%bio-rt. skin tested,sebum control and enhancing  skin barrier cream.
this skin forms 3 barriers -- a slightly acid one,this helps minimises sebum,a nourishing barrier a water barrier which cools to firm up the skin.
a patented sebum ingredient minimises black and whiteheads. 
tannin helps keep skin clear.Ive been using this for a little over 3 weeks now and i am really loving this cream,to be fair its like a thick gel type cream after cleansing you massage into the face.

it sinks in so quick and gives a cooling feeling to the skin. as the days have gone by my pores have shrunk face feels tighter but more refreshed and moisturised.
i really hope it will appear in one more of the boxes i have preordered so far.
if not i feel i will have to buy online.
Dr g mentor cream also comes in no5 for dry skin, a light cream,
Dr g mentor cream  no 7.for damaged skin.a thicker cream.

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