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pr sample.

hi there .
i want to introduce you to another candy snack subscription service.this box will introduce you to a great range of snacks and candy.
all these come from and are found in japan.

now i buy a lot of candy and snacks subscriptions so i looked into a claim that FREEDOM JAPANESE MARKET made in the info i was given.
they claim that the products sent out not from a container ship and are also including limited edition items.i also know that limited edition goods are usually only available in shops for a few weeks or a month most,as the quantity are very selective,
DID you know that many candies are made for foreign markets only and shipped in container ships round the world and you are let to believe you are buying REAL limited goods when in fact they are simply made in other countries and shipped for cheapness,

cost $25.00 with free shipping,worldwide shipping.
pay through paypal or credit /debit card.
inside each box will be over a pound in weight of of snacks,
inside the box is an itemised sheet of each product explaining what it is and the flavour.
buy a box for yourself or for a gift in one place ,quick and easy.
you can cancel your subscription at anytime,
you can buy the box here ,FREEDOM JAPANESE MARKET
 add my blog name in the notes section and receive a bonus candy in your first box.

this is the February box.

the box was well packed and shipped to the UK fine.


deep dark chocolate with wafers inside.the taste is strong not too bitter.

this screens cuteness, a tiny little mug filled with traditional Japanese ramune soda candies,
the mug is like our old British beer glasses,

these are famous rilakkuma teddies packaging.
the sweet thin honey biscuits are thin and very crunchy.i really like these are are great to eat on the go,

this month we have 2 flavours ,I've tried other flavours in different subscriptions but never these so I'm happy ,
the green ,white and red packet - is pizza flavoured.this is almost a hint of spicy from the tomato ,paprika and peperoni flavours, this is a corn snack like a Cheetos or wotsits crisp flavour.
the gold packet- is spring onion flavour, is really nice ,

these are savoury crackers ,made with a mix of peanuts and persimmon,

 this is a make your own kit up.
candied apples,these are so yummy. 
basically you open the pack and squeeze a caramel syrup in to the tray and in the other half a sugar coating.
use the stick included to stab the soft chewy candying then roll in the syrup then the coating, a quick and fun tasty treat.even kids can make these on there own.

these are potato crisps and are nice and spicy, very Moorish with a gentle sweet  taste.iv had these before and each time my son has stolen the bag,

OK these are serious munch appeal, so much so I've hidden in my work bag away from my son, i will need these after a long shift in the kitchen at work for a boost of energy,melon and grape candy but not overly fizzy and not overly sour tasting ,they are great. and will be sourcing to buy again,

these are a little like  traditional Japanese teriyaki, 
these are a crisp wafer biscuit  with a dry chocolate aerated filling.
traditional ones have a sweet bean paste filling.
with added calcium ,
lovely when drinking with a warm drink,


i have tried a brand  before like these and were fun ,these seem to have a stronger flavour,basically each different sweet has a different flavour  and you can mix 2 or 3 or 4 together to make a new flavour drink, its quite fun playing.

each month sanae makes an origami for the boxes and places it inside,
i like this idea as its something fun and interesting ,after pulling apart i then learn to make my own  on different paper.

so my thoughts on the February box, it was a really good box to be sent and a serious box to take into thought when signing up for a one off and certainly a monthly rolling subscription,looking at previous boxes this is a consistent value and variety box and i would certainly love another box,the thing i like is in the UK many of the products are not readily available to buy unless you are in a city and have the Asian supermarkets ,so these boxes are a huge thing for us to subscribe too,i like that the savoury side is a good mix of snacks ,i like that the spicy products are not like over in the UK, heat and spice in these boxes they are a gentle spice with a sweet kick,
the sweets and candy vary greatly too,the fruit flavours are gentle not strong and not overly punchy ,they can be quite sour at times.
and the fizzy sweets are not tongue tingling but very gentle.
in fact i really like this box and have really enjoyed the biscuits,

this  box was sent for review purposes and all thoughts are my own and truthful to me and me alone.or my son who also taste tests the boxes with me, ,as with all snack boxes i buy i am very upfront with my readers, the post has a link sent to me which goes direct to the site ,fell free to leave a question, 

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