Friday, 19 December 2014


petit treasures was from a box bundle and like the previous boxes was a little cheaper,
the box is supposed to be filled with little trinkets and cute little cosmetics.
the card even states in the box -we discovered another batch of rare but beautiful treasures that give an A+in beauty,all miniatures,so petit and cute..

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my box

UN boxed 

this is a cute icecream cone ,it holds a swirl lip gloss,the gloss has en essence built into it that melts onto the lips to moisturise, this has a non sticky formula,
this balm is enriched jojoba seed oil,organ oil,grape seed oil,

i got this in warm apricot,
a cute Little blusher that has a little powder puff to part he powder all over the face,it leaves a silky sheen to my skin,easy to Carry around in the bag,it adds a gentle hue of colour to the cheeks,
use before December 2015, another product bought from this company short dated.

yet another mascara, this is a bit like the dolly wink brands, it slim line and easy to carry around, its waterproof and long lasting and wearing.washes off easy with a foam cleanser.this is a lash lengthening mascara.
it seems to work well and leaves a shiny look to my lashes ,
and it is in a cute packaging,

i was surprised at the colour on opening the tin.
this is a soothing cream,it smells nice and has eucalyptus oil,and over 40 herbs ,
this cream is ok, and non sticky,cover burns,blemishes, lines and wrinkles.
it helps to brighten to skin up and you only need a little 
this is a free from product,
so this product also has a short use by date of July 2015,

thoughts on this box,
i opened the box to see the small products looking so lost.i wouldn't say they worked hard to bother to curate this box it was so promising but a complete let down, 
2 products have short dates on and i don't see why they both ended up in this box, the magic cream is nice but seems to peel on this skin the more i try it so it has gone in the bin, on first few days of use it was good, the smell also turned ,so evidently wasn't going to last even half way through to use by date,the lip balm is cute and nice but more a summer balm no good for wet windy winters we are now in.i really like the mascara ,it performs well,
the Shara Shara blush just gggrrr.another one we have too many and they get passed on, no one want to buy or even swap as we all have too many, also the short date again WHY ,if you buy old stock up cheap it won't last till to date. it feels that this is happening too much with memebox and they really don't care to curate boxes ,or what their customers want or care,this when things were short dated before the summer memebox would apologise so much and send another item in the box ,those days have clearly left the building and they just don't care while the money is coming in still,
i feel overall this box needed another product and no need for the blusher,

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