Tuesday, 9 December 2014

DIRTY GAL. and december code

DIRTY GAL.the box box we all have been waiting for.
when memebox used to ask its customers the types of boxes we wanted we would email in or discuss on certain forums for them to read, this box was one of those ideas ,
our lovely British blogger Jane from A tired mothers beauty blog,wrote in and mentioned the idea for a dirty girl box,with mud and masks, and a few others,
a lot of us over the months have seen requests and ideas happen ,this is no exception,

so dirty gal box think dirty ,play dirty.cake fights and mud,say good bye to things you have on the skin with these clean and funky dirt busters.

my box,

UN boxed,

menu cards.

repair and renew this is a great cream ,it has a good consistency is made with snail mucin, great for skin rejuvenating,and helps to freshen the skin.as an anti ageing cream this helps to prevent lines and wrinkles ,sagging skin,while firming and smoothing the skin.
this cream is a lovely consistency ,it goes in to the skin quickly and well, it also seems to leave a fine film over the skin preventing the elements attacking the skin.this cream seems to like my skin and I've had no breakouts,

omg smurf mask.
nothing is better than a blue smurf face no.this blue paste clears away dead skin,calendula,deep sea water is used.this mask vacuums up dirt infused with peppermint,evening primrose oil,this mask is good for all skin types.
simply spread over the clean skin,after 10 -15 minutes wash off with warm water .do not let this mask dry on the skin.
i really like this mask yes i know its blue. but it seems to really tighten the skin and remove all the gunk off ,with no parabens or bad stuff.this is a firm mixture i tend to soften it slightly in my warm  hands so it spreads over face well.

mayo hair masks are very good ,known for giving shiny hair,and soft and smooth,this is simply great ,quick and easy ,towel dry hair and apply over the hair leave for 3 minutes and then wash off.
mayo masks and tomato ketchup masks do the same thing ,degrease the hair and scalp, sooth dry damaged hair ,and also moisturise and leave the hair looking soft shiny and more manageable.

these are wash off  mud masks.with white clay,mud and pearl extracts. these masks are fun and easy to use ,they moisturise the skin where as other mud masks dry the skin out.
simply cover the face for 15 minutes then wash off.
simply remove from packet and smear over cleansed skin,walk around looking like a dirty girl then wash off, lift pores from the nose area and also removes excess oils,

donkey oil ,olive oil,andante oil,grapes oil,jojoba oil,sunflower oil,macadamia oil,this is a rich oil that helps to replenish the skin.free from parabens and sulfates.use in the winter and colder seasons to give that extra level of moisture to the skin.
the donkey oil products seem to of gone down well in memebox land,the brand cleomee seems to be good at producing some good quality products, i will be using this i imagine in a few weeks now the colder weather is hitting us in the UK,

overall memebox really couldn't of messed this box up ,or could they. i do like all the products in the box,of course the blue smurf mask is a hit with me and the son, as are the muddy girl masks,
the mayo masks will be great to use through out the year. 
a great box and i hope memebox are no going to do boxes with quality over quantity like they have churned out lately, can we have the memebox global back like before the summer,

today is the memebox 12 days of Xmas ,can't wait to see what is install,
today's new boxes are the Xmas editions thank you memebox,

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