Sunday, 23 November 2014

OMG 4 BY memebox,

so the omg4 memebox arrived , now this we all had high hopes of to being omg as the previous boxes really let the theme down.
every country has that omg products so what does Korea have for us to scream omg at ,well these are beauty innovations that will look weird to start with but will get to love after playing with.
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OK this is a ladies pack and a men's pack ,these are masks for well you know down there.i mean it doesn't matter how many times you tell memebox we don't use perfumed products down there ,they just hit us with another thing.the info says to treat your y zone definitely not for facial use.these masks moisturise and treat the most sensitive uncared for part of the body. formulated with lavender water and nutrients,
so the women's one is like a giant sanitary towel you wear for 20 minutes.and the men's yo just slip it on over for 10 minutes.
still not sure what to make of this yes it did get us all going omg when we opened the box and read up.
the ladies pack is pomegranate scented and the men's is black raspberry scented.
i can find no information on this company anywhere .so i can't tell you anymore.

now i know abalone is a real hit and miss as many people are against the use of it, i know huge cries were given out when the soup got fashionable again the other year and to be fair it is tasty, but such good nutrients and things are in abalone.
so the abalone crystal double ex cream is made with fermented abalone, black bean extract and watermelon extract.that benefits the skin the abalone comes from  the southern coast of  of Korea.with the rich sources of minerals,proteins,fatty acids, amino acids this will be great for ironing out wrinkles and fine lines ,help revitalise skin and add some colour back in to tired ,drawn skin.
the cream is a soft gentle smoothing cream ,it sinks into the skin with ease and makes the skin suck in every bit of moisture it can grab.the skin felt silky soft and plumper.,used day and night after a week my skin was benefiting, so this is my night cream now. for a few months.

i love a good toner i do ,i wish we would get more in boxes to be honest.
so the pure plus is designed to replenish and control excess sebum,remove dead skin and brighten up crap skin.i like how the witch hazel  and vitamins in the toner pepped the skin up ,removed all traces left on the skin from my cleanser and made my skin feel clean ready for me to add essence and cream on to the face.

Right i was so happy as i wanted the blue or green colour to start with and my box said green ,whoop whoop but then my felt popped and left.
so the secret colour transformer lipstick,it changes colour according to the lips temperature ,its enriched with creamy avocado oils and helps keep the lip moisturised.

so this is what i got. on opening the bullet flew out of the tube,it was neither green but a off coloured grey. and very soft ,i can't actually use it to swatch as i tried to put in the tube and it was starting to snap. not happy as it was a product i really wanted to love and try.gutted.

OK i really really love this product even though its way to dark for my vampire anaemic deathly skin but I'm mixing it with my face cream and it seems to be working.
this has a weird belly cream consistency it blends and soaks into the skin quickly and you can get such a good even coverage all over, it doesn't rub off onto clothes and is a great addition to my collection.

this is a hair fixer that you can use as often as needed  through the day,a non sticky formula its easy to use thanks to the mascara wand applicator, you know when that stubborn wisp of hair falls down over the eye or by the ear and gets right on your tits. well brush this fixer through that hair and then it sticks in place with the rest of the hair where needed. 
a great product for on the go or to control your hair style .
I've had a go over the weekend with this ash yes it does work ,to be honest my hair is ultra fine and very short but it worked a treat.

so this box ,well the masks got the omg on opening up and reading about.
the toner didn't have omg as the ingredients are normal so that was more a wtf,moment,the abalone is an awesome ingredient in any thing and the cream is gorgeous and light and silky and fresh.
the lipstick was omg i got the green then went wtf omg its blinking broken gutted  to be honest wanted it loads.
the BB cream is an odd belly texture but a nifty little number and i do love it .the hair fixer is omg how awesome a product different but good and it works, so it was a fairly good box overall and it certainly got people talking over certain contents.

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DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, and although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.

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