Monday, 24 November 2014

my little cosy box from my little box uk.

its November and that means its winter and Christmas is coming. 
also means another addition of the great box my little box UK is coming, this month the box is called 
                       my little cosy box.

so its cosy November 
the magazine is full of interviews ,recipe and other good readable information,



the quote card,
i CAN relate to this a lot,

the hot water bottle 
this just jumps out at you when you open the box up, its bright red and white and it simply pops into the microwave for 30 seconds, and i is so good on my aching tired joints, and i get warmed up quickly after walking home in the rain we have in the UK at the moment.if you have no microwave just use it as a cushion.

espresso mug,
so dinky cute, i always need to have a full cup of tea in the morning but want that extra little cup o coffee as i head out the door, this is the cup for me to use now.excellent and the writing on it is just so charming.

Arcancil star liner waterproof pencil.
this is in jet black and it rely does have grey pigment, the liner is long lasting and doesn't rub the skin, looks great,

my little beauty volumising mascara.
a generous sized mascara that has a great useful sized wand, it goes on so easy and there is no smudging or clumping.lasted all night .with jojoba oils and beeswax,and sesame seed oils,

Essie mini nail polish in cute as a button,
a good all year round colour, a rosy pinky and goes with most things ,it needs to coats and it has a few days wear and tear on it.

another good box and it is the only box i keep a running subscription for as all my others are from America i do like how this box brand works and love that the idea they have is a different theme each month,this is a lifestyle box i really love,and will continue to keep going. roll on December's box.

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