Tuesday, 23 September 2014

memebox whole grain box2 and codes

so i received the second instalment to a great box special edition. 
the whole grain 2 box, 
the first one had loads of good products and fab masks, so i was interested in getting the second box to see if they could better it.
so the whole grain 2 box  is a box made of products that use different types of grains ,whole grains are great for the body and skin, great for skin renewal,get the skin clean and buffed, whole grains have vitamins and minerals in, as well as oils and other great skin boosting goodness, great for all skin types butt great for troubled or inflamed skin. 

this box contains all full sized products,
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my box

UN boxed

menu info cards,

 fermented product used for alcohol, this is a type of flour.containing highly efficient kojic acid its great for moisturising,
i mixed mine with water to virgin test, i mixed a spoon full then massaged over the face added some gauze over then added another thin layer over the gauze, layer in a hot bath for 30 Min's,while i felt my face being sucked up.then washed off. my face feels a lot lighter ,the pores cleaner, the skin plumper and a lot softer ,this masks needs to e kept in the fridge, as is to be treated like fresh yeast.
if using 2 times a week i would look at this packet lasting a month. 

100%natural hand made soap.made from mung beans.great for us fair skinned freckled blue eyed girls, . great for sagging skin ,not got that yet. mung beans have  saponins vitamins,calcium and protein in, .
OK this soap has a lovely smell not strong, it is firm but once water is on it ,it softens quickly it lathers well and cleanses well, i used before and after the above mask, 
it says this is to be kept in the fridge, its in mine in a bag labelled soap not cheese, it looks like aged mature Cheddar,

 made with galactomyces extracts,black yeast, snail filtrates,, this emulsion tightens and makes the skin more supple, 
i have yet to try this as i have 2 open so this will be a winter one, i look forward to using it though, it will last ages,

oatmeal and walnuts are super foods, this wash is rich in vitamins,protein,lysine,fibre,calcium,antioxidants.helps exfoliate dead skin and soften the skin,cleans out the skin and moisturises at the same time.
i really liked using this scrub today ,it really felt good while using and covered the skin well,

make up can only hide , so don't just hide when you can fix with whitening cream, rice bran extracts, this helps even out skin tone,brighten skin,wakes you up,brightens those dark and sun spots. giving you a healthier look all day long,

made from mung beans ,soybean,brown rice, barley, sophora root, centella,pomegranate,this serum is said to aid soothing and replenish troubled skin,helps with blemishes and the complexion,
simply pat the serum over the skin.

september codes ,
ZLVD for $5 off 
AFFILIATE-0427-QOR38-ZFAR $10 off $150
AFFILIATE-0802-MIRRW-QYON $5 off $100]

DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, and although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.

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Retro Model Sari said...

So happy that FINALLY someone posted an unboxing! It looks great to me, especially as I love echoice (yeah, it is a really cheap brand but I love my tea sleeping pack) and as I already have the toner and first essence to go with the Tosowoong Emulsion. So now I gonna have an almost complete Tosowoong routine for my mornings! Hurray!