Tuesday, 16 September 2014

memebox special 32 ,OMG2,box.

its that time again for the months edition of OMG2.box.
this box sold out pretty quick as has the 3rd edition.
now this box is all about products that have taken Korea by storm and what Korean ladies and gents are wanting. 
now memebox have brought us the weird and fun products to try, i think us international people are split in that some are expecting something different, while others are thinking weird ,i mean weirder than weird products and ingredients and i just don't think that is what the omg box was meant to be.
the box cost $23.00 and all memeboxes can be found here or click on the banner,MEMEBOX WEBSITE 
all products are full sized in this box.

so my box 

UN boxed 

menu cards.

cristallin cellulose mask , 2 included.

a wrinkle balance and a whitening sheet are included.
these sheet masks are not the normal essence style ,these have a thicker gel ,gelly like.a cellulose mask simply wrap round your face and lead on for 20 minutes,leaves the skin nice and soft and plumped up.

what  i want to know memebox is- how does it feel to have an octopus wrapped around  your face.am i missing out on some great deal here.

ladykin vanpir dark repair cream,
brightens and stores the skin tone,moisturises well, it has green tea extracts in to help with dark spots and skin discolouration , with anti ageing properties to help with fine lines and wrinkles,
you only need a tiny bit of this cream as it goes on easily and only a thin layer is needed,

this 2 step mask is going on tomorrow night as i have more time , 
turn back the clock ,it cleans deep down into the pores and extracts the clogged in bacteria.,this mask helps firm and tighten the skin up.after use this is supposed to give the face a more defined line,smoother lines and wrinkles,moisturised to an inch of its life. i look forward to trying this.
to use after cleansing smooth over the gel,massage well place the 100%natural Korean paper mask on top then smooth more gel mask over the top.leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse with hot water.

priori aroma AC moisture gel mist,
so this has bee venom,propolis,sophora roots,balloon flower,multi EX magnotics,soothes troubled skin, or sun burnt skin, great for cooling down when hot and bothered,infused with lavender essential oils, 
i like that this is a gel rather than a water ,it is a slightly thicker mist on the skin.

this youth preserving serum has all the things in it, snake venom,hylauronic acid ,helps even skin tone, refreshes the skin and helps soften lines.
simply use after cleansing and toning,
this has a Feb 2015 date on the bottom, so i am using this up before others,

haruen dorothy haruen - s
this is made from natural volcanic rock,this roller ball absorbs oil,grease,simply by rolling it over the forehead and chin and cheeks,can be used before and after make up is applied,
when used before make up ,it allows the skin to be flawless so a great base for make-up, the main component is the metamorphic rock,clay like mineral formed from fine ash from volcanic eruptions mixed with sea water,
you can buy spare roller balls , intact this one has a spare built in to the other end.

overall a great box, with some great ingredients,looking forward to omg3 box now, all these products will be used . and i like that some don't seem interesting but actually are once you read up and play around with them.
i think the box has got some various reviews some good some bad ,which i think is good,,did you buy it what are your feelings on it.

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DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, and although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.

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