Monday, 17 February 2014


so today i am introducing you to my 
                                            MEMEBOX 5
So a little about memembox.
this is a Korean box mainly skincare with the odd make-up .it is Asia's no1 selling sub box.and now the global box is here started just before November,it went mental at the end of January to the point they issued nearly 14 boxes in 2 weeks to keep up with demand as we kept ordering so up to box 10 is sold out .presently only the 2 super boxes and the single box 8 is available to buy.
boxes cost $23 and with the shipping everyone is paying $29.for the standard boxes.
each box contains between 5-10 products,so great value for your money.
if you after Korean skincare this is the box for you.
when you sign up you get awarded points,if shipping is delayed you get points if you use my referral name in an email before ordering you will get points,referral name - Lorna Johnson.these points stack up real quick and you can use on items from the shop or another box,so you may spend nothing on the box bonus.
you cans find MEME box global here- 
will be pic heavy.

my box -

my unboxing

LIPOZONE-body ampoule's.
this are in ampoule's,this oil is to aid skin firmness,helps slow down cellulite,and fat cells,
use on the stomach,arms,bottom,use once a day massaging over the skin.

SELLA-natural cleansing bar
an organic cleanser soap.
helps fight anti-ageing,minimise pores,
use as you do soap massage in ,rinse with warm water.

DERMA :B-daily moisture body lotion.
daily moisturisers provide 24 hour hydration.leaves the skin soft and smooth.has a natural phytocide included to calm down irritated skin.

CNP-laboratory cleansing perfecta,
this is an oil cleansing gel,it removes the most stubborn of waterproof make-up so easily.also makes light work of sunscreen and BB creams.

NUGANIC customise pole control essence.
reduces the appearance of dilated pores.pore control is a lightweight gel that penetrates pores to control pimples,blackheads, helps re balance the skin.natural extracts and antioxidants repair damaged skin for youthful look.

touch the silk velvet primer- covers the pores up.
glam on your shimmer bomb- add to your base cream use on nose and cheeks.

PHYSIOGEL- sample mix,
cleanser- hypoallergenic cleansers,soothes,softens,non skin drying.
cream- revitalises skin,
intensive repair cream- long lasting hydrating.

cc cream- multi purpose basic skin cream.
UV-gel before sun exposure.

a good lip gloss with a great sheen, and a good colour.moisturises well.

AROMATICA tasteless aroma therapy roll on.-
this aromatherapy roll -on, use on the temple and pulse points for sleep and relaxing.
contains vetiver,patchouli, fennel seeds.

so all in all i liked this box and i have plenty to play with,my next box ships sometime this week ,
what do you think of the Korean boxes. would they tempt you to buy. previous boxes have had essences and BB cream which to be fair nobody do these better than Korea and japan. 
let me know what you think,i will be back soon with box 6 for you.

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