Thursday, 20 February 2014

fortune cookie soapbox spring, 2014.

The spring soap box has arrived and i have been so impatient waiting for this box since the last release.whoops.
so the theme is
                                  THE GOOD AND THE BAD
you can sign up for the summer soap box now ,you will be charged at the same time just so you know, you can fins out all about the great products here
there are 4 boxes a year and each one is designed around a fantastic theme,
so here is my box peak,
my box didn't have the usual card and voucher in it .oh nooo.

                                      THE GOODS.
rainbows!butterflies!fig leaf bikinis!we're not gonna lie.
the goods gave us a run for our money.
the garden of GOOD JUSTICE,there are 3 fragrances.

NATIVE NECTAR- body wash- fresh cracked coconut.
(i love this so freshly opened coconut.)

AFTERNOON DELIGHT-ocd-pink watermelon,fresh apricot,white floral.
(as what it says watermelon,apricot,fresh and fruity.)

MARSHMALLOW DREAMS-cuticle butter-lavender sprigs,sage,basil,vodka,and a dollop of marshmallow fluff.
(i get marshmallow,sweet with a gentle lavender coming through)

                                              THE EVILS.
Yeah baby!its the strangest thing,but once we started on the evils,they just came naturally.
we don't know what evil smells like but we hope it's like this.

MAKE IT RAIN-whipped cream-grab your umbrella !sparkling droplets of citrus,jasmine,musk,cedar wood,
(i get that fresh laundry scent jasmine and cedar wood,)

FORBIDDEN FRUIT-fcs-soap-dusty verbena,fresh blueberry,lemons.
(blueberries and floral comes through for me)

ME SO THORNY-steam me up scotty-me love you longtime,citrus,lavender,french vanilla,with dark shadows of patchouli,sandalwood.
(i get woody patchouli and sandalwood)

THE BLOOM BLOOM ROOM-bath fizzy-a strip club for flowers,sweet jasmine,lilac,lily of the valley,darkened with fresh peach,citrus,spun round sugar.
(gentle floral from lily of the valley but then peach comes through)

VENUS FLY TRAP- perfume oil-bergamot,narcaisse,musk lurking under water orchid,sparkling lemon and pink jasmine.
(flower power, with a hint of musk this settles on the skin after a while and smells great)

so this has been a totally different soap box for me ,very floral but not over powering.i quite like this collection and love some things more than others.
roll on the summer box as i think that could be sweeter by the looks of the spoiler,i just hope not too sickly sweet.

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