Monday, 20 October 2014

ABCDEat Asian Snack Box , Halloween trial box.

so i just signed up to a new snack box , this is a box with Asian brands and products inside, 
the company is ABCDEat, found on Facebook, instagram, 
it stands for Asian box can do eat (it).
ABCDEat is based in Hong Kong,they are an online store  that gathers all the snacks from all over Asia. they source the items  which are readily available  in the international city ,
packed into a box  and sent to your door.

this is a monthly box subscription box,but they will be doing premier boxes and one off ones too.

ordering is safe and easy.and ships worldwide.
all payment is done via paypal, shipping is done by airmail,
the box is $15.00 +6.99 for airmail 
$15.00 +9.50 for registered mail and tracking,
to order simply go onto the website or Facebook page and email them with the box you want to order,and postage option, and paypal Addy,you then get sent a paypal invoice ,simply pay and send all your postage and address details to them,
they will email once parcel is shipped.

the November box ships 22 October,
still time to order, I've ordered.
this box will contain a minimum 10 products.all boxes ship the 3rd Monday every month.
find out here

so this was the first box sent out for us to buy and test out, 
the Halloween box contains Halloween themed food,

OK borsch flavoured crisps ,me and my son ate these and i made him eat half the bag to guess the flavour before i would tell him, they were nice, not too savoury they had a sweetness to them,would we buy again yes we would.

each year they bring out the check koala Halloween box, these are great biscuits, crunchy biscuit with a creamy strawberry filling.
we will be buying again for sure.

these are cute little panda biscuits with milk and white chocolate, 
the pack was too small needed more of these. 
but very tasty.

well a cross between a crisp and a cracker ,very Moorish, we couldn't decide on the flavour, needed to be a bigger packet or two to test out.

well there Halloween shaped gummy sweets , totally yummy and all eaten.
loved the choice and amount,

vampire teeth that comes with a watermelon flavoured  blood, tastes awesome ,and it was fun.

so this is the first trial box ,hopefully next week i will be posting the November box here too. loved all the products, the box was well packed and bubble wrapped,i think it shipped in about 3 days to the UK,so very fast indeed.
overall i really liked the box, i would a sheet of info about the snacks in future as it is so handy , and i will be keeping this subscription box.
so check them out here ,and i will see you soon with the newt box,


Anonymous said...

Okashi Connect is way much better than this box. They include at least 500gr of snacks for only 22$

Lorna Johnson said...

well i like trying new boxes so i will check it out thank you.

Anonymous said...

Believe me you'll love it as much as I do. BTW I love your blog and your comments in MUT ;-)

Lorna Johnson said...

Well its out of stock so I have emailed
I can get on the waiting list as
I need
To try this
New box
Out 😀thanks for the heads up,oh your on MUT narrows it down to a billion people then lol