Wednesday, 6 August 2014

global 13 from memebox

my memebox global 13 hit the UK last week and i thought i would show you what is in the latest edition.
global boxes consist of full size and deluxe samples  all for the grand price of $23.00 or £13.62 
you can find memeboxes here MEMEBOX WEBSITE
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memebox a little about the brand if your new to memebox,
MEMEBOX is a number 1 beauty box in Korea, these boxes are hand picked by Korean beauty experts and no 1beauty TV show  get it beauty production team. memebox is a Korean beauty subscription service  ,more skincare than make up.this is not a normal monthly subscription service as in you simply log in and buy whatever box you are after as long as it stays in stock longer than a day or two.

so what did global box 13 have to offer for us this month.

my box


menu card

23 years old cx detoxifying air therapy.
made from carbonated water this product creates sparkling bubbles.massage the skin while wearing the stings and prickles a little. this helps to remove the deep down dirt and grime.the mineral water helps to brighten the skin ,leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off.

donga tempo Eco natural super,
this is a sample pack of tampons ,i have no use for these,
this company is the first Korean marketed tampons.Eco natural 100% organic cotton,

cnp cosmetics cnp derma scalp shampoo.
a 4 minute daily scalp treatment.deeply cleanses cools and calms with the aid of tea tree and peppermint extracts.

cnp cosmetics cnp tone up protection sun,
with SPF 42.this unblocks great for sun protection, thick but has a powder concept that leaves the skin silky clean.the deep sea water keeps the skin hydrated and non dried.

yufit eon wheat germ cream,
this cream is really nice not too thick and contains over 75%organic wheat bud extracts,this cream aims to hydrate,firm,brighten,and helps slow down and fight the first signs of ageing,the cream absorbs quickly and with ease. non irritating on skin this shrinks down pores with continued use.

soy bio+ soy bio plus fermented lumpoule
this lumpoule meaning 2 words, lump and  ampoule made from fermented soy bean lump.helps break down fine lines,wrinkles,and goes a clearer complexion.

nuganic customize sun base colour control cream.
a cc cream with whitening and wrinkle functions.moist and various colour capsules correct dark and duo skin tones.absorbs into the skin well.

overall a standard global box ,i do miss the older boxes which i feel were better products and  sizes maybe as memebox has grown they are struggling with the amount of boxes needed to supply, but i do miss the more full-sized products and generous samples,
the only thing in the box not to be used is the tampons,
these boxes are still great for a great choice  for a monthly regular box,and even better if you are new to memebox and struggling to know what type of box out of the hundreds to buy.

a great box ships straight away 
the vitamin box 

a few codes for my readers,

AFFILIATE-0802-MIRRW-QYON for $5 off $100 spend AFFILIATE-0427-QOR38-ZFAR  for $10 off $150 spend.

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