Thursday, 5 June 2014

10 minute box from MEMEBOX.

the 10 minute box has happened ,oh yes it has.
now MEMEBOX put together a box to get you rushing out the door to your date night or girls night out or even a quiet night i have got to say i was looking forward to this box, then saw the teaser video and my jaw dropped oh no fishnet stockings, well thank god i didn't cancel this box like others did.this box cost $23.00 +p and p or £17.80 
anyway if your new to my blog or to MEMEBOX i will leave this here for you to read,
MEMEBOX is a number 1 beauty box in Korea, these boxes are hand picked by Korean beauty experts and no 1beauty TV show  get it beauty production team. this is not a normal monthly subscription service memebox is a Korean beauty subscription service  ,more skincare than make up. they have various styles of boxes and they are released and you buy if you want them ,be sure to grab them quickly they sell out within simply just log in and buy ,via paypal,
feel free to send memebox an email on registering and saying Lorna johnson referred you. as they will credit your account with a 5 points to go towards paying for your next box.and you get 10 points on signing up as well,remember to add your account name ladies and gents. 

you can see and buy the boxes here .or click the banner.MEMEBOX IS IN HERE ships interntionally,
global box  the regular box 4-8 full and deluxe sample sizes , (the best for all round good products)
superbox 5 full-size products fitting round a theme or brand, products from previous boxes usually they give the numbered boxes the product range from.(best for duplicates for stashing and for all new customers to get a an overall look at memebox)
limited editions.- usually on a theme and mid range cost. like nature box,make up edition, etc.



AROMALAB DESIGNER FRAGRANCE OIL,- American pheromone woman type 01, 8ml $34.00
this is a great handy bag friendly roll on has raspberries,violet,grapefruit,vanilla,
i get strong violet,and as it softens raspberries and vanilla.

HOPE GIRL powdery body perfume,20g.$49.00
so apart from the amazing packaging this is a silica powder that stops sweating,this is a delicate scented powder that seems to get a little stronger when it is making to work due to a little sweat.
this has a gentle tropical fruit scented,
not a scent found often in the UK.this is a powder sponge pact like the powder suncream we received a few months back.

HOPE  GIRL milky balm lipstick 3.4g red burgundy.$25.00
a deep red wine creamy milk lipstick ,this has a really good pigment and staying power,didn't dry the lips out and felt moisturised , 

SECRET ROMANCE hair essence lovely,60ml.$39.00
a hair serum fragranced with a delicate so scented . with added aloe Vera and angelica root,grape seed oil
i wore this today and could still smell it at the end of the day. it reminds me of loccitane,

LABORATORY eye lash +5 pairs,  $5.00
i got the cute princess pack 003
a great Korean dolly look eyelash set. great to make sure you get the look correct.

overall a great box for the value i payed $23.00 with meme points  but the total cost of this box cost $152.00. i really like all but the eye lashes but i am sure someone at work will want these ,so some more things that will get used up happily, have you got into MEMEBOX yet ,let me know your thoughts on this box please.
this box is sold out but check around sometimes they resell and restock boxes. 
remember feel free to use my link above or click the banner. 
buy 3 boxes and use MEMEBUNDLE3 FOR $5 OFF, 
or try the new lucky box 6, nature box,bubble pop box as a 3 box combo or separately.

DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, and although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.

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