Monday, 12 August 2013


hello and welcome to the hotel chocolate tasting club summer limited edition ,
a one batch made product that sells very quick,available from august ,
                                                          the TUCK BOX,

so here is my box and yes i did order a second box as it was a great selection,
 the standard score card and information.
a sneak in side the box,

all five bags out for show reading for tasting to commence,
usually all 3 of us get 1 chocolate to sample and score this time 3 of each to try,

crumbly fudge

70%dark chocolate with thick creamy fudge.
butter fudge made with a pinch of salt,a classic from the 1800s.
roll-over caramel,
a long standing british caramel favourite,
mellow milk chocolate ,soft caramel,40%milk chocolate,
moulded into a chocolate cup .
cornflake tray bake,
50%milk chocolate,nibbed pecans,cornflakes.
poured into there tablet mould 
an old traditional way of making textured chocolate.

cinder toffee,
50%milk chocolate, honeycomb,
the addition of bicarb of soda you get air pockets and makes it brittle.popular in britain since 1900s,
a british classic with a modern twist..
a wafer texture  from butter feuilletine enrobed in mik chocolate and made into fingers,

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